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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (9)

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (9)   Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:10 am

Champions League Mutha Fucking draw this morning.

Last night I arranged my bed so it was facing Mecca. On the table I left some cookies and milk. Hung in the hall way was a rabbits foot. I superglued my fingers crossed together. Placed carefully on the wooden table was a four leaf clover, whilst a hammer gently knocked on the delicate wood......all this in the hope we draw Bordeaux. Cuntash I hear you say........wanting the easy option. Yes and No is your answer. IF we draw Bordeaux, not only is it the easiest draw of the round, it also means I'll be jetting off to Bordeaux and watching the Emirates tie from the comfort of an executive box. My boss is best buds, BFF's with Jean Loius Triaud, Bordeauxs chairman. How I dont know, dont fucking care really, all I know is whoever Bordeaux draw, I have the chance to watch it. So you understand now why I want Arsenal to draw them.

Song and Cesc are in line for a return. Well, song for sure, Cesc we'll find out today. I hope he doesnt play to be truthful. Maybe a 20 min run out, but I hope he dont start. The little Spic has been run off his feet this season and could do with a cautious rest, something which Im sure Wenger has in mind.

Now West Ham worry me. I said it before and got told to fuck off basically. TBOK the filthy mange ridden slag said he was more worried about Spurs in April. Im more worried about the east end boys. With Spurs we know what to expect. A team that on their day can give us a game, but a team that has never put us to the sword, never truly fucked us over. I dont count the Carling Cup defeat as being fucked up. It wasn't a first XI, so it dont fucking count. West Ham on the other hand boast the record of the first team to turn us over at the Grove. No biggy, yeah I agree, but the cunts dont give up. Look only to the reverse at Upton Park early in the season. Part can be contributed to our own naevity there sure, but you have to give them credit. Past season has seen us take teams like West Ham as a gratis 3 pointer. Im hoping we've learned from mistakes this time round and fuck em 8-0 in the first half.

Heres to a fucking lovely draw this morning and fucking lovely result the weekend.

So - Fran has been spotted eh? Thats the end of that one then.
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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (9)   Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:41 am

The thing about us getting beat by west ham at the emirates was that is was an absolute fucking miracle that west ham won. We had around 30 shots on goal that day i believe and only world class keeping and woeful finishing cost us

Hopefully that wont happen again and i am confident we will get a 3 goal return
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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (9)
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