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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (10)

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World Cup Finalist

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (10)   Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:59 am

Not a bad weekend. Would of been alot better had Liverpool had taken something from the Manc Cunts, but hey, 7 games left, time to slip up yet.......sadly that means we could also slip up.

Firstly, Arsenal 2-0 West Ham. My fear of West Ham turning us over were proved to be a load of bollocks come Saturday Evening. There's something about late KO's on Saturdays. I used to hate them, now Im growing acustomed to them. Maybe its the extra 2 hours in teh Tolli pre KO, I dunno, either way I know I was totally fucking trollied come KO and dont remember hardly anything of the game. I had to much about 40 sticks of chewing gum and practice walking in a straight line to ensure I wasn't turned away from the Grove. Watching MOTD on Sunday morning was like watching it for the first time. I had been there, sitting not 3 rows back from the centre circle, yet I could of been on the front line in Afganistan for I fucking knew. Not doing that again.

Id love to be able to tell you Vermalens red was unjust. Truth is I had to watch it on MOTD, despite being at the ground. From the replays, contact was minimal, and from what I can see, started outside the area. The cunt went to ground easily but, I think Zola put it perfectly in his post match conference. "The rules are clear on this, if you deny a clear goal scoring oppurtunity, no matter how light the contact, its a red card". Hard to argue against that to tell you the truth. Whilst I personally would not of give it, going by the book, we should have minimal complaints. Of course, Wenger is going to view this somewhat differently. Let him have his 2 days of dummy spitting, Im sure he'd of calmed down come Birmingham. And its a result he's only out for 1 game. I would of thought a straight red was 3 match ban, but then I presuming thats only if its violent...........fuck knows

2-0 is a good result. Pulled one back on the GD, which, by the way this season is ending, could prove vital. We still need a few 4-0 here and there to pull the difference back on the other 2 cunts, but at least we're finding the net.

Not going to brush on the other 2 cunts results. Simple as that. I hate the pair of them and nothing short but a shoe bomb in Old Trafford and a pandemic of some nuclear virus at the Bridge will suffice. Fucking cunts.


Gallas is marked at 80% OUT for the first leg with Barca. Though Wenger did mention that he will play some part before the end of the season. Lets fucking hope so. I think this season could see the end of Billys tenure at the Grove. No bad thing. He's got 2 to 3 years left in him at top level, let him enjoy that time somewhere abroad and bring in some fresh blood. A Vermalen clone will do nicely.

Ramsey's recovery is going well, though obviously its far too early to put any kind of date on it.

Some encouraging news about RVP. Wenger expects him to be back in training this week. Now Ive fallen for this fucking one before. Remember Rosicky? "Back in training, he's 4-6 weeks away". Fast forward nealry a year and still no Thomas. Either Lewin has something to learn still or Wenger is a lying cunt. If RVP is expected back in training this week, its going to be minimal stuff. One on ones with the physio to help build his muscles back up and slowly introdue him to more strenous excercises as the weeks pass. Wengers confident he'll play some part before the end of the season. Like Arseblog says, if we have to take risks on rushing players back, why not take it with RVP? We have fuck all to lose. If he breaks down again, its only the World Cup. May not be fair on Robin, but fuck him. He's Arsenal first and Holland second. Given the chance of Winning the League and/or CL for Arsenal or playing in the World Cup, I hope he'll opt for Arsenal. I mean Holland aren't exaclty the force they used to be, weigh it up Robin.

Gibbs is alos eyeing a return before the end of the season. Nice to have him as an option should we require.

Djourou - "Still 2 months away". See! Its fucking started. Injury news from Feb 4th "Djourou is 2 months away"...........Rule of thumb. If Arsenal.com state a player is out for any length of time, multiply that by 8.995262 to get the real amount of time out. This means Djourou is out for approx 71.962 weeks, or 17.99 months, a year and half basically, give or take a few weeks. Get well soon Johan.

Next up the Brum. More on that tomorrow as we learnm more about potential lineups. Judging by Wengers comments, we'll see a back four of Sagna / Cling On / Song / Clichy. Wenger admits that playing Sol continously is not an option and he'll have to "Give him a little holiday"............Song is more than capable of holding off Birmingham. Messi and co Im not so sure of.........though the other option is Sol and Cling On or Sol and Song. Fucking frighteneing either way you paint it.

More tomorrow
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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (10)   Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:17 pm

Another good read, just wanted to say "Good Job WC". Your still a cunt but I enjoy reading your daily thread.
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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (10)
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