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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (13)

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Wing Commander
World Cup Finalist
World Cup Finalist

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (13)   Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:14 am

Voyeur is a cunt

Morning, well nearly afternoon. We're running late today because Bould has provided us with some amazing tekkers this morning. What a cunt. Did you know, 125868966 is an anagram of Girraffe? Well you do now.

Firstly, last night was a very good fucking night. I watched the first half of the spuds game, then realised I was missing Antiques Roadshow, so quickly switched over. Not too concerned about the cunts down the road. They'll probably do Pompey, but Chelsea or Villa will fuck them in the final. As for 4th? Do me a favour. They'll still fuck themselves, gaurenteed.

What did concern me about last night was Chelski's 5 against Pompey. Could of done without that addition to their GD. I think, well, its pretty fucking clear, if we're to win it this year, we need to win it on clear points, not GD. Far too many permations with 7 games left, so as usual, all we can do is carry on winning. My mate managed to get those prison uniforms, so keep your eye out on Sopcast for 20 vlokes in the crowd. I'll be the one that looks like a cunt.

Bendtner suffered no lasting damage against West Ham and is fit to face Birmingham at the weekend. Gallas is back in training, which is postive, though he's bound to be at least 10 days away still. Wenger says its too early to comment if he'll be available for Wolves a week Saturday, which could mean he could become available for the return to the Nou Camp. Touch.

Understandably, Wenger has urged us to be patient with RVP in his press conference. "Dont expect miracles"...........Im not after a fucking miracle, 4 or 5 goals will do.

The annual visit to WHL has been moved to the 14th because those pesky cunts progressing to the semis. Fucked me right up that has. I had the whole fucking day planned out.

How fucking funny was Mancini and Moyes? Proper handbags.......well, it was a btter fight than Wenger v Pardew. City are a bunch of cunts aint they? Millions they spend, fucking millions.....and they're still shit.

Nothing else doing today. Ive not had chance to review Wengers press confernce in great detail, and will do so at lunch. If there's anything of great importance, I'll update this.

Till tomorrow where we'll be running through the line up for Brum.

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Blue Square
Blue Square

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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (13)   Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:31 am

Wing Commander wrote:
Voyeur is a cunt

Hahahahahaha - silly!! Wink
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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (13)
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