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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (15)

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Wing Commander
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World Cup Finalist

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (15)   Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:57 am

Nice while it lasted eh? Its safe to say, barring a miracle, we're now fucked when it comes to the league. The task was simple, win every league game between now and May. I say simple, I mean simple in terms of knowing what we had to do, not simple in actually doing it. Birmingham is always a hard place to go to...........and a fucking horrible place to visit.

It took us a good hour to get going up there. The missing Nasri and Arshavin, coupled with the absence of Vermalen at the back made us look very weak indeed. Without Arshavin and Nasri, Bendtner struggles. He tries dropping deep, even deepeer than Cesc does in order to get the ball. Trouble with that is, when he does get, there is fuck all available up top for him to give it to, so we go through groundhog day, passing it out wide on the half way line, work the wings, bring it back in the middle on the 18 yard box and try walking it in..........fucking beautiful when it happens, an absolute cunt to watch when it fails. Saturday it failed, in a big fucking way.

Step up Nasri and Arshavin and within minutes, it was a different game. The atmosphere on the terraces changed instantly and the boys perked up and we started being Arsenal again. Pressing, shooting, putting people through. It was only a matter of time. Then following what looked like a very tame shot from the little frenchman, we found ourselves 1-0 up. Stuff of champions. Not playing well, but grinding out 3 points. I was happy.

What happend next sparked a ruck in the arsenal stand. Under no real pressure from Brum, only what we allowed them to do really, Phillips somehow manages to squeeze one in. At the time, 99% of the Arsenal boys there only saw Phillips lift the ball over an advancing Almunia. Fuck it we thought. Some of the boys though did see the problem and started chanting some realy nasty shit towards Almunia. Those that never realised what went on, started defending him and a mini ruck broke out betweenthe Arsenal fans. Nothing more than handbags really, but never nice to see.

When I got home I checked out the highlights. CUNT of the higest order. Now Ive thought about this all weekend before writing it, stepping out of the box and looking at it from different angles, but I keep coming back to the same question. What the fuck was Manuel doing racing out off his line like that??? Has that cunt just cost us a genuine shout of the league? I think he has. Bottom line is, if he'd been in position, he'd of got back to clear that with ease. Further to that, why not parry the shot, palm it wide, smother the cunt, anything but push it up and back towards your own fucking goal. Its a shame as up to this point, the 92nd fucking minute, he'd played well. Made some proper good saves, yet his work was undone in 4 seconds of fucking lunacy.

Goodbye Alumina. I cannot see him in Arsenal colours next season, no way. The need for a proven CONSISTENT GK has been long known. Unfortunately the Spaniard has done fuck all favours for himself now. You just cannot have keepers costing you games on a regular basis, and sadly, between Almunia, Fabianski and Mannone this season, that has been the case. Throw in individual errors by supposedly expereinced players, you can see where this season has been won and lost.

Right -rant over. Weekend gone, and like I said, barring a N5 miracle, PL gone until next season. What we need to ensure now is getting behind the team, and this includes Almunia for the visit of Barca. Spirits are bound to be down, but we need to bounce back and fucking bounce like Zebedee if we're to give Barca a game.

Worryingly, Cesc picked up a knock along with Nasri and Arshavin both nursing bruises from the week before. No surprise Diaby is feeling ill either. If the premiership was a man, he'd be a cruel mix of Gary Glitter, Gary Neville and Phil Brown. A big fat orange rat looking peado.............nasty cunt. What I dont like is the tendancy we fans and Arsenal as a club has to moan. Moan and whinge that we're the only team to get injuries, never get penalties, get dodgy refs etc. Whilst some of it does ring true, moaning is gonna get us fucking nowhere, so we need to put out heads down and not let the orange rat looking peado get to us.

So, we have to wait on the outcome of Cescs scan to see what damage has been done. He managed to shake it off and see out the game though did not look too comfortable. Which is encouraging, not the fact he looked uncortable, but the fact he played on. Fingers crossed he's alright for Wednesday.

So rule of the week, plenty of optimism, aint over till the fat lady sings and all that shit. Its a blow sure, but it was always a massive ask. Do I love my club? Fuck yeah. Are we going to beat Barca? FUCK YEAH.


YES WE FUCKING CAN..................CUNTS!

Obama Wing Commander OUT

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World Cup Finalist

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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (15)   Mon Mar 29, 2010 3:04 am

pretty much sums up my feelings about arsenal to be honest and the need for a fucking consistant keeper
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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (15)
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