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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread - Special

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread - Special   Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:36 am

Had to run a iccle thread on this baby.

Hidden away on Sky Sports is an article on the Arsenal page. Apparently Cesc gave an interview on Sunday in a champions league pre match meeting.

Just read this:

We don't need to talk about my future," Fabregas told the Daily Star Sunday. "I don't understand all the rumours about me.
"I've always said that I'm happy at Arsenal. I can say a thousand times that I won't go to a Spanish club, but nobody believes me.
"Arsenal is my home and I don't have any plans to leave."

That for me, is the clearest, no 2 fucking ways about it, fuck all the off Pep you little cunt message he has given. Of course he's said "Im happy at Arsenal" blah blah blah, all the usual stuff that does enough to quash rumours for a while, but this latest outbusrt will make them spanish cunts think about things in the summer a little more. What is for certain is that Barcelona WILL make a bid for him come the summer - thats as sure as Neville is a cunt to be honest, so his future at Arsenal depends on how well Barca test our resolve. I challenge any club in the world to not even consider a £50 million bid for any player. Fact is, £50 million is a fucking lot of money. BUT - that said, even for £50, £60. £70 or even Ronaldo £80 million, who can we realistically buy that would replace Cesc like for like? Answer? No cunt. There's only one Cesc..............and his ours. Mwhahahahaha.

Stick that in your pipe, much on a waffle, sprinkle your pancake.........Fabregas is a gooner and going nowhere.

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Wing Commanders Daily Thread - Special
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