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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (16)

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (16)   Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:06 am

It says something about the importance of the Barca game when we get a 2-3 page spread 2 days before a game and the Mancs get half a page on their game tonight. Too fucking right. The tension has started now. Butterflies, long drawn out shits, weird fucking dreams about losing my boots resulting in me having to watch the game on a black and white TV......dont ask.

As expected, most of the talk on tinterweb is about the possible exclusion of Cesc. On the main site it states he has a "possibilty" of inclusion. Cesc's old man is a little more optimistic stating he will play - though he may not be at his best. Like I said a few days ago before the Birmingham matach - a half fit Cesc is a better option than Denilson. Not saying that Denilson is shit, but in a game of such magnitude, we need players who wear their heart on their sleeve. Denilson does this - but only when we're winning. If we're behind or in a game where we have to work, 2 very likely factors of tomorrows game, for me, Denilson is not an option.

There are also concerns over Diaby's fitness. No real surprise. Such a fucking shame cos he's definitley the type of player we need in our pocket when we start throwing stones at them spic cunts. Wenger is giving the pre match press conference later this afternoon, so more on injuries then.

Moving onto the papers. Now I know a great deal of Gooners have fallen out of love with Wrighty. Some people think he talks bollocks and is anti Arsenal. I dont think its the case at all. For me, he simply says it as he see's it. Ok, he might not be the most intellectual guy in the world, but one things for sure, you dont get much bigger a Gooner than him. So it cant be easy for him to state that he thinks we'll get turned over in 2 legs. That is what a great many of the Arsenal fans are expecting, truth be known, myself included. That doesn't mean that myself or Wrighty are anti fucking Arsenal, it just means we can recognise that we're a lesser team to Barcelona and if they really wanted to, they could hurt us bad. Nor does that take away the belief I have in my team. On our day, even with a depleted side, we are more than capable of taking apart the worlds finest. We've done it before and we'll do it again, but its more "hope" than expectation. Being underdogs in a game like this suits us down to the ground. Its when we're expected to perform against the likes of Hull and Birmingham that we struggle. Take the spotlight away and suddenly we click. So I think Wrighty is justified and lets face it, a million times better placed to comment that some of the pricks that pipe up thinking they know better than a pundit and someone whose been in the game for 20 years, not just the game, but at Arsenal. That said, Im sure Wrighty would love to be proved wrong.

Ahead of the game tomorrow, the club has finally asked the fans to get behind the team. "Arrive early and wear the red and white - above all, be loud. It really does make a difference to the team" - To my knowledge, this is the first "request" Ive seen made by Arsenal.com. Of course, Red Action are forever campaigning for more noise, but stewards and staff are quick to shoot anyone on sight showing the vaguest form of support. Being told to sit down or be quiet is a fucking joke. Alright fair do's - no need to stand the entire game, I paid for the fucking seat so I'll sit in the cunt, but when my team is on the attack and I can see a pint size Russian belting the wings, Im gonna stand up and get vocal. Thankfully its this behaviour that the club is finally trying to encourage - thanks to 4 years campaigning by Red Action.

I was going to head to Emirates tomorrow, draw out £300 and grab a ticket from Dagenham Dave outside the steps of Emirates. Then Mrs Commander politely reminded me that this is one of the biggest games in our history. Its going to be pissing down and pubs are going to rammed. If Dagenham Dave isnt there or wants stupid money for a ticket, I could well be fucked. So Ive decided to watch it in the comfort of my one bed flat in Basildon. Unless Snap fancies moving one of his 3 tickets? Eh Snap?

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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (16)   Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:45 am

seems like arsenal are trying to drum up atmosphere like the semi final against united last year. It worked well last year - for about 8 minutes until the dreaded gibbs slip

Lets hope history doesnt repeat itself
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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (16)
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