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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (18)

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (18)   Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:28 am

I dont like to suck my own dick, but have a gander at what I wrote yesterday:

Id expect to see Walcott introduced around the hour mark to inject that pace onto a tiring barca defence. Lets face it, Walcott seems to be alot more effective from the bench. Teams just dont seem to be able to handle the sudden change in tempo. Lets hope this is the case tonight.

Well fuck a duck. Truth be known, we were fucking lucky not have been on the end of the worst defeat in the Champions League History. Barcelona were different gravy for 60 mins of the game. The way were chasing shadows reminded me of the way we took Spurs apart in the invincibles season. Intricate passing, slick smooth runs, deft touches. We was in awe and so were the players.

Alumina - Hmmmmm. Exactly what the fuck is this guys beef? From zero to hero in the space of 15 mins. The commentator hit on something last night which rang true. Keepers in particular are very open to critiscism. Its far easier to recall mistakes than saves. Aluminia has been a victim of this this season. Of course he's had some very suspect question marks placed against him, and that still stands, but last nights perfomance was fucking brilliant. Without him, we'd of been 6-0 down inside the first 20 minutes. I remember seeign the stats after 33 minutes:

Arsenal 1
Barca 12

On Target
Arsenal 0
Barcelona 6

Fuck about. That shows exactly how well he played. More of that please Manuel.

Now the big news, bigger than the result in my eyes was Cesc. Not since the days of Tony Adams have we seen such pure dedication to the red and white - so much so, it actually brought a tear to my eye when I saw him hobbling after the penalty. Refusing to go off, even though he was in pain and could hardly stand. THAT my friends, is what makes Arsenal Arsenal. Fucking legend. And what better stage to show your comittment to the club than against the very cunts trying to prise you away.

I feel gutted that he picked up a yellow, for a challenge where the ball was won, convincingly. Im unsure of the appeal process, but if there is a chance to review it, Im sure Wenger will decline to appeal. He has no chance of playing next Tuesday, so let him serve his ban whilst injured and IF we get through, hopefully he'll be fit for the semis. We dont know the damage done yet. Reports of a broken tibula, hairline fractures and ligament damage are rife. It cant be a break in the conventional sense of the word, he would not of been able to walk, let alone run. A hairline fracture is more likely. Usually this is 6-8 weeks, though Ive seen players back after as little as 3, it all depends on how severe the fracture is, if its a fracture at all. One things for sure, this little Spaniard has just stepped into the same hall graced by such players as Bergkamp, Veira and Pires - an Arsenal legend. I fucking love you Cesc.

Moving onto the return of Henry. A fucking warm welcome as he stepped onto the pitch. Again, bringing tears to the eyes. Pissed myself laughing when they were cheering and as soon as he touched the ball a chorus of boos rang around the ground. Even Henry laughed. Then something happend that I hope one of you spotted. He brought down Denilson, but the ref went to play on. Henry had space in which to either run and collect a return pass or get into space, but instead, he stood behind Denilson and tried helping him up. So he basically turned his back on a break oppurtunity, to ensure his old mucker was alright. Gentleman - thats all I can say.

Losing Gallas was a blow, but no surprise. Bringing players back from injury like that is always going to be a risk and we paid the price. In the interview after the game, Wenger confirmed it was his calf, so I doubt if we'll be seeing Billy Boy for the remainder of the season. Bet Sol is shitting himself now. Not only does he have to step up in Spain (maybe) but he'll have to face those pesky spuds. Poor cunt gets ripped at WHL. Lets hope he smashes a hattrick.

Arshavin also limped out - early reports suggest its not that serious compared to Cesc or Gallas, but chances of him making next Tuesday have been played down. Step up Thomas Rosicky - a player who can make a difference out there.

So - thats that. No fucking finger nails left, no beers left indoors, but still in with a shout

Incidentally, anyone clock Pat Rice last night? Cunts been rucking. We know what them paddy's are like dont we.
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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (18)   Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:37 am

Incidentally, anyone clock Pat Rice last night? Cunts been rucking. We know what them paddy's are like dont we.
Yeah the commentators mentioned that, said that wenger may have belted him one at half time
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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (18)
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