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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (22)

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (22)   Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:30 am

One more sleep to go before we take our arses down the road to visit our little mates at White Hart Lane. Naturally, the papers are talking it up already. Of course, Im going to be somewhat biased when talking about local derbies, but is this not the greatest derby of them all? Utd vs City, Newcastle vs Sunderland, Barca vs Real, Soton vs Pompey, none come close. Celtic vs Rangers, now, thats a different kettle me ol china. The Scots are fucking nutters and this derby is less about the football and more on who can stab the most people. So for pure footballing matters, the NLD HAS to be the one. We've had some mental games against these lot and if anyone can put a big fucking spanner in the works, its the front wheel skids, and fuck me, wouldn't they love to fuck our season!

Wenger hosts his press conference later today so we'll get some team news then, but we can run through the early indicators.

Song is by the looks of things, still fucked, which is a fucking shame. The boy who 3 years ago had so many question marks above his name looked like a crossword clue has delveloped into, for me, the 2nd name on the team sheet behind Cesc. When Cesc is out, Nasri fills in to such a degree, that we hardly miss him. When Song is out, we struggle to fill the work he puts in. Denilson is just not up the defence role, he is much more suited to an attacking role where he doesn't need to defend.......as much. But lets not get going on Denilson.

Normal casualties remain, Arshavin and Gallas are of course, still both out. Optimists will say they'll be back for the final 2 games, realists will realise even if they're fit, they wont be too effective after a month out. So up steps Sol. He's bottle's bound to be flapping like a good un. Spurs have issued a statement via their website and are due to do the same in their matchday programme, calling for Spurs fans not to gee him up when he plays tomorrow night. Thats like leaving a piss head in a curry house and asking him not to touch anything - never going to happen. Its part of football and only goes to strengthen my arguement that this is the best derby there is. Spurs were hurt at his move across the borderline and rightly so. Imagine Cesc left us for the Spuds and then started kissing the "cock" on his chest???? Bah - Sol is now a gooner, and its nice to have something to shuv up their fucking hooters. Its gonna be a tough game for the big man, but with only Crouch to contain, he should do ok. Vermalen will just whisper to Defoe and the pint sized cunt will shit himself.

I mentioned a while back, about 2 weeks ago, that RVP is in the frame for tomorrows game. Smoke and mirrors for me. He's been training first team for little over 12 days now, just enough to get upto match fitness, but without a few games under his belt, he's going to be more rusty than a Nun's fanny, so we cant put too much on him should the Dutch tinkler come off the bench to a raptous applause from the faithful and a sigh of "oh fuck" from the Spuds - he do like a goal or 2 against these fuckers dont he. Lets see.

Elsewhere Owen Coyle is bigging up Jack Wilshere again. Well done Jackie boy. Talk of him going to the world cup is a bit far fetched for me, but not unrealistic. He could certainly do something for the 3 lions, but at such a tender age, he could also be a liabilty, so best leave that one to Fabio, though that said, Fabio has been in attendance more than 3 times when Jack's been playing at the Reebok, so who knows.

Now regarding teh Nina Bracwell-Smith situation. After a night reading up on what happened and the situation surrounding it, it seems we was all talking bollocks yesterday. I know a bit about stocks and shares, but it seems, the rules of the stock market (running april to arpil) do not apply in this situation. I wont go into the details of why, its mega fucking boring, but here's the black and white.

Nina has been wanting shot of her shares for a while now. By her handing them to a 3rd party to sell, indicates that she's struggled to find a buyer........or does it?

Stan Kronke, today, has to make a decision on his furture in the St Louis Rams. Entrepreneur Shahid Khan has made an offer for 100% of the club and today is the deadline in which Kronke must decide to accept the offer or decline it. In a nut shell, he must decide to free up roughly £500 mil or keep it invested. Keeping it invested would place strains on his empire, possibly ruling out the chance of buying up Nina's 16%, taking him over the threshold for a takeover. It would appear that keeping his share in St Louis Rams makes no sense in terms of his stock pliing of shares at Arsenal. I mean, why build your shares up to the point where you are a milimetre away from apparent goal, to not act on it?

Its my thinking that Nina has been waiting patiently for this moment. By going to a third party to sell her shares, could force Stan's decision to sell his shares in the Rams and use the money to buy her shares. Almost making him panic buy in fear that the fat russian could sneak in and nick it from under his nose. However, Stan as always, was silent yesterday, as was Usmanov. Strange to me and you, but perfectly sensible in the business world. Selling that amount of shares is not going to happen inside an hour, so both parties are waiting on Stans decision out in the US to see where they're batting from.

We'll know more today, as Stans decsion regarding the Rams, should, in theory, make the his stance on Arsenal alot clearer.

Lets see............
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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (22)
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