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 New girlfriend

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Blue Square
Blue Square

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PostSubject: New girlfriend   Fri Feb 04, 2011 11:44 am

The situation with Torres is like the tasty girlfriend who dumps you because your job isn't paying enough and your car isn't shiny enough. You've been trying hard to please her for ages but she seems distant and is often in a mood. She's not up for it as much as she used to be and seems to have more and more headaches. But you still love her because when she is in the mood she will try ANYTHING even from ridiculous angles.But the bad days outweigh the good days and eventually she ups and leaves.

The first time we see her, in a new outfit, walking out with a new fella it's hard. I admit it will be even harder if she scores in front of us. Eventually we will get over it. Time's a great healer. 'There's plenty more fish in the sea' everyone tells us. On the rebound we bag a couple of uglier models for a bit of fun and guess what...the little one with the big teeth is seriously up for it and we have already forgotten what we had previously.

Bet the big Geordie lass with headband is up for it too. Can't wait. Maybe they'll perform together. If that happens I think I will forget what my last girl looked like. What was her name?

I've found closure. I've moved on.
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New girlfriend
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