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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (3)

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (3)   Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:28 am

No midweek games to dwell on or to look forward to, makes this week rather slow. Though a rest and some tough preperation for Stoke on the weekend is a perfect tonic to carry on our pursuit of the PL trophy. Quite how many Gooners are left in London that actually believe this is a possibility is open to debate. I've always been a glass half full kinda chap, and whilst I fully expect Chelsea to lift the PL come May, there's still that bit of optimism glowing inside me like a dying ember, briefly catching a gentle breeze to ignite it once again.

No point in dwelling on that though. All we can do is focus on our games, week by week, game by game and do the job at hand. We cannot control our destiny any longer, thats in the hands of the Russians and the Surrey Dwellers.

There is nothing, nishmans coming from Arsenal at the minute. The usual page filling shit on arsenal.com about how Bendtner wants to replay Wengers faith and bizzarely, an article on how Boris Johnson applauds Arsenal FC's work in the community........riviting.

Most , if not all of you will be aware of a little site called young guns. Ive always liked this site, I like the way its dedicated purely to the youngsters, who go un noticed, despite working harder than some of the premier leagues first teams. Jay Emmanuel Thomas has been voted Arsenal Young Player of the month. I really am relishing this little, well little is too wrong a fucking word, Im relishing this MASSIVE cunt securing a place in the first team. With his ability to play any across the middle as welll as uptop and even in his original school boy position of Left Back, he could and hopefully will prove a massive asset to the side.

Now last month I run an article on 606 on how we'd brought in a certain player going by the name of Wellington. I opted to go for the name Bootsy (wellington boots) only for some cunt to come in with a one liner saying "The Duke Will Do Well".............CUNT. The Duke! Why didn't I think of that! Now he cant play for another 12 months due to age and permit restrictions, but from the whispers coming out of Underhill, this guy sounds the bollocks. Vela? I hear you cry, yeah yeah, pipe the fuck down. I know the little Jackal came with the same expectations and I really do believe he aint far off finding his form. For me, its all about confidence. In the second division in spain its fair to say the quality is not good. Id liken it to League 2 here in England, so its no wonder Vela found it easier out there and a little tougher going over here.

But the Duke seems something different all together. Scoring 2 and setting up one in a friendly against Dag and Redbridge last month, he seems another shrewd aquisition by Wenger..............just a fucking shame he aint 24 and ready to go straight in the side........ho hum.

Cast your minces over this

A nice little compilation of the lad


Interesting read in the Guardian abut how PL clubs owe more money than all of Europes other top divisions put together. Now thats fucking worrying. It would be just cunting typical for some rule to come in slapping a restriction on clubs spending meaning we as a cub will be punished for sake of keeping it across the board, when we're the only cunts not spending beyond our means. Having said that, something does need to happen. Im all for a slap on "Spend only what you make" (Not going into the who whens and why fors)...........We'd be fucking laughing. Have a read if you want......


Other than that, theres fuck all else out there. Even Mr Bloggs from Arseblog is struggling this morning releasing a blog about a dream he had last night...........Come on the weekend...........and a stag do in Riga..........get the fuck in.

Over and Out
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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (3)
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