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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (23) *Special Guest Edition*

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Captain Obvious
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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (23) *Special Guest Edition*   Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:12 am

Morning cunts, and cuntee's.

Filling in for Wing Commander this morning, who is pretending to work. It must also be noted that, for me, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, and one that could propell me into the realms of journalistsic stardom. So Wing Commander, I thank you.

Enough cunting about, today is huge. Monumental. Biblical on all proportions. As today is the day when all gooners, far and wide, fuck off every plan they have to see us do those cunts down the road. The most eagerly anticipated day of the season, the first one you look for when the fixture list comes out, and for us gooners the one where we say, this could be St Totteringhams Day. 3 points would see St Totteringham's day fall on 14th April 2010, and finally put an end to the endless rhetorics of 'This could be our year' from those wankers down the road.

It's been a long time since they beat us in the League, way back in November 99', no less, and they'll need full reminding of that throughout today, and hopefully through all eternity. Unfortunately those little jews down the road are bit like a dog with a bone, they won't let go of anything, we only have to look at the reaction of the Mickey Mouse Cup defeat we suffered a couple of years ago. Imagine that 10 fold, they're itching to do a number on us and the quicker we put them back in their rightful place (preferrably a gas chamber), the better.

By all means I don't think it will be an easy game, far from it. Yes, we may have had a weeks rest, and they've been pissing around on a school field for the best part of 120minutes, but that all goes out the fucking window tonight, as does the form books. Both teams are missing key players, so injuries are not an excuse by any stretch, not that they are anyway, if we're supposed to be challenging for honours. However we are boosted by the return of Robin Van Persie. Wenger said yesterday that had his season not been ruined by injury, he'd of been talked about in the same bracket as Greaseball, Messi and Shrek. I have to agree. On form, he's world class, but getting a decent season out of him seems to be nigh on impossible, nevertheless, it's a massive boost at a crucial time in the season.

Soulman Campbell will be starting, and will yet again pull on the Arsenal badge infront of the scum, effectively giving yet another two fingered salute. I've been mightily impressed with Sol, and even with the amount of shit he's likely to take tonight, he'll do a solid job. Wouldn't it be fucking brilliant if he stuck one of the back of the net? Bliss!

All in all I think it will be a pretty strong line-up, with no new injury news. So, Sol comes in for Agent Silvestre and we start with a fairly familiar back 4. Losing Song is a massive blow, I echo WC's sentiments, whn he says he's the 2nd name on the team sheet. Although somewhat encouragingly Denilson has put in a few decent perfomances of late, so I'm not too worried. I can't see Theo getting a start as yet, he's too inconsistent, and it may be worth chucking him on with 20minutes to go against some seriously tired legs, so ultimately Rosicky keeps his place, amazingly. Big Nik will be looking to add to his impressive goal tally since returning from injury. He does a decent enough job, and if things aren't going right up until the 65/70 minute mark, it's a fantastic luxury to bring RVP into the frame.

Spurs? Without key players, but couldn't really give a shit. Harry 'twitch' Redknapp has been piping up again about how the yids are closing the gap. So yet another reason why we need to shove a win up their cunts. We are expected to, and should beat them. We're better, simple as. We've had 1 goalless draw in 12 years, and with 19 goals scored in the last 5 games, you can expect the ball to ripple the net a few times, at both ends. Chelsea managed to nick 3 points again last night, 2 blatant penalties turned down for Bolton, which is a real kick in the cunt in terms of our league ambitions, but we've got a job to do, and that is to kick every spurs fan in cunt today that you see.

That's about it fo today, WC will resume normal service tomorrow. But for now, go out and abuse every spurs fan you know, whether it's your wife, kids, grandad, whoever, this game is far more important than any family relations!

P.S - Jews, and holocaust jokes are all above board.
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Wing Commander
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World Cup Finalist

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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (23) *Special Guest Edition*   Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:17 am

Apart from the "thankyou" bit, this aint half bad.

Thats as complimentary as my vocabulary will allow.
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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (23) *Special Guest Edition*   Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:44 am

P.S - Jews, and holocaust jokes are all above board.

ok this is spurs new no1 fan

as for the article
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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (23) *Special Guest Edition*   Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:46 am

or this one is

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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (23) *Special Guest Edition*   

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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (23) *Special Guest Edition*
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