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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (6)

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World Cup Finalist

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (6)   Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:44 am

Well I said I didnt expect West Ham or Fulham to help us out. Fucking hate it when Im right. Ho Hum. At least we managed to bag 3 points and a 5th straight PL victory. Mrs Commanders got a cousin in Perth Australia. He's an old South London boy, about my age who moved to Oz when he was 10. I speak to the cunt before and after every game, costs me a fucking fortune on Vodafone. He mentioned something which rung true in my ears........"Winning games in that manner is the stuff of champions". Too fucking right. How many times last season or the season before, or the season before, or the season before (1,2,3,4,........) or the season before (5..) would we have just rolled over and let them Tangerine cunts tickle our belly, like Snarf from Thundercats. Dont get me wrong, this was merely Hull. We should of wrapped the game up hours before KO, yet the nail biting was still apparent. Supporting Arsenal has to be the worse fucking choice of all PL teams surely? I mean if your a Spud, you know you're shit, you expect to lose, expect to get butt fucked but big and small teams. If you win, its a result, if you lose, its part of being a rotten little cunt, right? But with supporting Arsenal, you EXPECT. 99.9% of the time, you remortgage your house, loan the Mrs out for the weekend just to raise enough cash to buy a ticket and you get what you've paid for. Classy football, a handful of goals and 3 points. Sometimes though, the fuckers like to twist our melons. Make you feel as if you wasted half a day travelling to the hell hole cest pit that is Hull (sorry Lils), done £100 and lost a day of your life for 1 fucking point........Saturday evening was nearly one of those days.

But, it wasn't........3 points, still in it. Boateng's a cunt. Dont know what more to say on that. Maybe he was just testing to see if it was Pele with a bendtner mask on, poking teh eyes through what he thought was cardboard? Either way, he's a cunt. Yellow for that, no more. Cuntish thing to do, but only a yellow. Then came his best Jackie Chan impression on Sagna. At first, I didnt think there was anything wrong, then the replays showed no fucking attempt at playing the ball at all. Deserved a fucking red straight off. But If I and Drake the bloke sat next to me never saw it first time round, maybe thats justification for why the ref only gave a yellow. Anyway, the cunt got his walking orders anyway. Whats fucked me off the most is that little satsuma cunt Brown's inability to accept that he, his 11 team members, back room staff, fans and his 2 pet chiwawa's are infact, dirty no good retarded cunts of the 1st order. He's banging on about how Sol should of been sent off. Fuck all the way off. Sol had a good game, another one. Had he been 24 years old, a little less experienced, that foul would of been a whole different ball game. He's of stepped across the man, cutting the cunt in half, but he never. He was unlucky to conceed the pen in the first place, but last man and all that. No complaints at all and the way he picked himself up and carried on is testament to Wenger. Signing a 35 yr old no good cunt who cant run, cant kick, cant breathe????? What the fuck you thinking Wenger???????? Saving our PL title challenge thats what he was thinking.............Le Genius.

Guess what...........No fucking injury news. What the fuck? Surely someone snapped a finger off or has misplaced their prosphetic leg? No? Result.

JET bagged yet another goal at the weekend taking his tally to 4 in 3 games........please dont injured. You know, Iknow its gonna happen. He'll bang in 30 goals in the last 8 games and get injured reaching for a capri sun out of his fridge. 100% cast iron gaurenteed. Cunt

Next up is West Ham. Not so confident about hosting these cunts to be fair. They always seem to give us a game, and whilst we've had the better of them of late, I saw the wasy Chelsea struggled to break them down early in the game. They had a host of chances to score against Chelsea, something which equates to 3 goals vs Arsenal. Get the job done and get it done fucking quick would be my advice.

£10.............Come get your £10. Scanned the stands, put 30 blokes from the Tolli on red alert to look aout for Fran..........still got a tenner in my pocket. Im starting to get worried now. Maybe the cunts wondering around Bluewater somewhere, lost.."Comme est ta?"..........dunno. I dont like it when people go missing from Arsenal though. They never seem to come back. Same happened to the likes of Stephen Hughes, Eddie McGoldrick, Ian Selly. There one minute, fucked off into obscuirty the next. Come home Fran, we're worried.
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World Cup Finalist

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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (6)   Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:54 am

Good stuff

Especially agree with the Phil Brown not condemning (but praising) that cunt boateng
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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (6)
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