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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (20)

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (20)   Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:22 am

Some Tekkers are good. Some Tekkers are bad. But some people..............have Messi Tekkers.

Even as Gooners, certain caps have to be doffed when you see a one man display like that. Ive witnessed players such as Cruyff, Bergkamp, Henry, Gascoigne and Eboue grace the pitch in amazement in the past. Hand on heart, even the Iceman would have trouble matching the sheer consistency in Messi's play. Amazing.

Now, If I were a saw loser and lookign for excuses, I might say:

-Barca had 12 men. The ref was shocking. Almost as if tackling them wasn't allowed.

-We had half a team. Injuries to every position more or less.

-Silvestre was guilty for first goal

But, Im not. Over 180 minutes, we got taught a serious lesson. Out of that 180 minutes, we had teh upper hand for maybe 30 minutes. Not good enough against the worlds best. Thats not saying we played poor, its just thats ALL we could manage. This Barca team is unreal, A solid unit. We should take a lot of positives back to N5. Just look at the way they pressure for the ball. As soon as a white shirt touched the ball.....wallop! 4 players on you. THAT is how to defend.

So where and how did it all go wrong? Well, after NIcky B put us ahead, I started to think..........."What if.....?". Walcott had a golden chance to put us 2 up, but Diaby chose the wrong ball. This really surprised me, He's usually so cool on the ball. That should of changed the face of teh game and some will argue changed the result. I dont know so much. I think we could of got 4 in the first half and they'd still of scored 6 or 7, such is the class and belief in their side. Truth is, after they got their second, we sank. The belief went and we was fucked from that moment on.

Now, Ive said it all season, well from the Stoke FA Cup game. Denilson is a 24 carat cunt. Just look at replays of last night and try and work out his defending style. Not once did the cunt mark a man, even on corners. All he does is chase the ball, like a fucking school kid. He was running with Messi when Messi laid off a pass to Xavi. Diaby and Nasri were both ontop of Xavio, so he had no need to chase the ball. He should of tracked Messi, instead, he goes tearing after the ball and Xavi lays a simple one, two and suddenly, Messi is acres. CUNT. There was a phase when Denilson was one of our best players. It seems as if he thinks he's proved himself and now he doesn't need to defend. For me, the cunt needs to go. I dont like singling out players for criticism, but I have to in this case. He is a liability and has no place in the team AW is trying to build. A quick comparison to the likes of Diaby and Nasri makes him look like Harvey Price. Both we're playing higher positions, yet on more or less every Barca attack, these two were further back than Denilson, trying to win the ball for the team. Denilson meanwhile was JOGGING on the 18 yard box, watching Messi sprint past him. Ive lost count the amount of times Ive seen him do this and Ive lost count on the amount of goals he could of prevented had he done his fucking job.

Cling On - Cunt. A fucking Manc in disguise, sent from Old Trafford on espianage duties to fuck our season up. Fair do's, he was the only choice we had, but without making excuses, Wenger knew this could happen but neglected to cover for it. Perhaps the injury to Djourou didn't help, yet he had January to sign someone. Anyway, tranfers of the past does not change the fact that he is a bigger liability than Denilson. Pick your p45 up at the door, an take your forehead through the goods in entrance and fuck off.

Thats the only criticism I can lay on the squad. The rest of teh lads fought valiently. Bendtner tried his best with very little service. I like the way he's bringing in a bit of rough to his game, a bit Drogba-ess. Good to see. Nasri was the work horse, Chasing everything and everyone. I much prefer him the middle and it wouldn't surprise me if we see him deployed there alongside Cesc next season. One things for sure though. We knew we'd miss Paddy but was slightly re-assured that we had Cesc to fill the void. When Cesc does go, Im more than re-assured that we have Samir to fill the Cesc void.

The full backs done well enough. CLichy worked very hard, though he needs to stop backing off players when they go to cross. Throw your body in front of the ball, its your job. Other than that, both him and Sagna done well. Vermalen will blame himself for their third goal. A waywood header on the halfway line let Messi in. HAd Song been there that would of been his ball and TV would of been behind to mop up. So who was SUPPOSED to be winning that ball on the centre circle? Yep, Denilson. Where was he? Alongside Bendtner. Cunt.

Diaby tried and tried. A very good player and one who improves with every game. Rosicky looked very tired last night. Not quite on form. Though the wings never worked well at all. Which brings me to Theo. Well, what can you say about Theo other than confidence. I wish Tesco sold it in 500g jars because Id but the cunt 3 lorry loads and spoon feed him. That is all thats missing from his game, that and abit of muscle, a bit of bite. Still, at 21, I love the lad.

Almuinia done all he could. No glaring mistakes, kicked the ball out 14 times, but was under pressure. Pressure created by stupid fucking back passes by the Cling on.

So in a nut shell, well beaten and deservedly so. All eyes on White Hart Lane. I take confidence in the fact that with the likes of Cesc, RVP, Gallas and Andrey back and on top of their game, we are a totally different team. We need to find the middle ground though. We're always going to get injuries and we need to ensure we have it in our locker to cover for these injuries. Summer should be interesting.

As has been the story for the last 2 months. We simply need to win the rest of our games and wait.

I still believe. Ooooo to, ooooo to be, oooo to be a...............
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Champions League

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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (20)   Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:19 am

Bit harsh on Denilson there....thought he did OH last night as was one of the better players in Both legs....hes good in technical games just gets a bit roughed up in the prem.

Rosicky was absolutly pony....him and walcott gave the ball away every single time they got it...his shot when he was in acres that he took first time summed his performanace up...shit!
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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (20)
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