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 Wing Commanders Daily Thread (7)

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World Cup Finalist

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PostSubject: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (7)   Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:50 am

Let me start with a song:

"Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Theo
Happy Birthday To You"

21 today the lad. Its like watching one of your own kids grow up, only Theo doesn't age. He still looks 12, the same he did when we signed him from Soton. Anyhoo, no doubt his filth bucket of a bird would of brought him some lavish present. Something which would get backed If I were him, in the same way that ungrateful cunt backed his Mercedes SLK in favour of a Volkswagon fucking beetle.........what a cunt.

Sol's piped up again, saying our run in is NOT easy.......Look, I like Sol, but I do wish players would just concentrate on the job in hand instead of talking to the media. Of course, teh media a filthy bunch of cunts, but how hard is it to simply say "No comment......." aint that fucking hard, Ive just said it. I think the main reson behind my love for Sol is that magic picture I have hanging on my wall in my living room.......and I cant fucking find the picture now.........but you know the one, the one with the Spurs banner behind him. One of you smart arse cunts will no doubt post it.

Arseblog expectantly picks up on the Phil Brown saga. Mr Bloggs has never liked that tangerine cunt, well not many people do, apart from Mrs Satsuma maybe..is he married? Who knows, who fucking cares. Mr Bloggs run a picture of Brown with Nelson from Simpsons applying his cathphrase "ha ha". Being un technical, I dont know how to get it from an email on to here...........so here's my own piss take pic........

Cunt.......enjoy the dole queue. I fail to see how this cunt will get another PL job. That said, he's not exactly done a bad job at Hull, 2 promotions and a sustained run in the PL. Must just be because he's a cunt........

Now that dirty fucker Stevie Me has been at it again. First we got the V sign at the ref. I actually laughed at this. The ref was a cunt in that game and he got away with it. How many of us have cunted the ref in a sunday league game eh? Me? Ive actually been nicked at a sunday league game for threatening the ref.....silly cunt called the law and they rushed me in the dressing room........£250 fine and a 6 match ban........Now the little scouse cunt decided to smash Michael Brown across the boat. Smashing any cunt with the name Brown is fair do's in my book, but its Stevie;s apparent "butter wouldn't melt" tactic that really fucks me off. We all had one in school, the little cunt that always threw the rubber at the teachers head, the cunt that told the 6ft bully that you called his Mum a prostitute...yet never got caught for it as the teachers thought he was a good boy and merely influenced by the rest of us. Its no secret players can be punished on video evidence, but it has to be included in the refs post match report to stand up...........luckily the ref did include it, so lets hope the scouse cunt is hit hard. Nothing wrong with a bit a muscle in a game, strong challenges and that, but karate chopping someone to the throat is bang out of order..........horrible cunt.

Now one good thing about Rooneys amazing form at the minute is that all talk coming from Spain is surrounding him and not Cesc. Beautiful. Caldrons banging on about pairing him with Ronaldo........dont really give a fuck to be honest. Until June 12th, he's still a dirty Shrek looking cunt who I pray every night is struck down with a severe form of meningitis..........come June 12th, Im gonna love him more than my mum. Thats just the English way.....if your of use to us, we love you, go against us and we'll kill your family. Anyhoo, long may the shit from Madrid continue as the spotlights off Cesc enabling him to concentrate on getting fit and seeing us through to the end.

A little mention for Becks. I do like this cunt. A fantastic player in his day, for me, still up there at 34 years old. He's lost alot of his game but can still be the difference for you, especially in a 3 lions shirt. They're a dying bread this lot. Someone who appreciates what being called up for your counrty means. Beckham, Rooney, Terry. Joe Cole........maybe even Barry all show this grit and determination for the cause. He'll be a loss to England, but not so great that it dents any chances we may or may not of had. Get well soon Becks.....

With regards to Arsenal, not alot happening.

Anyone seen Merida yet? Nope......tenner goes back in my pocket.
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PostSubject: Re: Wing Commanders Daily Thread (7)   Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:41 pm

That cunt Merida has seriously disapeard since thebeginning of Feb :scratch: weird....what a cunt! I bet he is already in Spain training with his new team, gutted cos he is a fucking great prospect! But hey ho, life goes on.....
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Wing Commanders Daily Thread (7)
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